BILLY ECHO LLF is a 2016 approved & licensed Sporthorse Stallion bred by Last Laugh Farm. He was awarded six provisional stallion license approvals as a two-year-old, and is currently in training with Grand Prix show jumper Candice King in Florida, and is preparing for the 2022 North American Stallion Sport Test.

Standing at 17.1 hands, with a brilliant chestnut coat, BILLY ECHO LLF is the whole package as a stallion. His light and balanced canter contributes to his amazing talent as a jumper. He uses every bit of his body to show great scope. His personality is loving and friendly – even kid-friendly – remarkable traits in a stallion. He demonstrates the quality of a top competition horse and should stamp his progeny with those same qualities. Even as a young horse, BILLY ECHO LLF has all the highly-prized attributes of an outstanding breeding and performance stallion: appearance, stature, intelligence, enthusiasm, courage and potency. 

BILLY ECHO LLF is a quality choice for breeders seeking show jumping or eventing prospects. Click here for pedigree and breeding information.


Billy Echo LLF spent the winter of 2021 training for five-year-old young jumpers with Senan Hayes and Andres Alverez. BILLY ECHO LLF is well-started his competitive show jumping career. He demonstrates amazing talent as a jumper, using every bit of his body and showing great scope. He is a quality choice for breeders seeking stadium jumping or eventing prospects.


BILLY ECHO LLF has demonstrated a great ability to move correctly and powerfully through his body. With the help of formal dressage training by Jessica Forend-O’Reilly of Noeppe Dressage in Wellington, Florida, Billy is able to showcase movements that strengthen his ability to perform as an elite jumper prospect but also showcase him as a perfect sire for the next generation of eventing horses.